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Heritage And History

In 1995, UseNet Automotive Survey debuted on the Usenet newsgroups. The surveys were done primarily in rec.autos, rec.autos.driving, and rec.autos.misc groups. The next year in an effort to broaden the survey pool to provide an even more accurate reflection, it was relaunched on the World Wide Web as Automotive Statistics Internet. In 2004, it was reorganized to provide news as its primary focus and was renamed DrivingAutos. A lot of things have changed since its inception. In 1995, Universal Serial Bus (USB) was just getting to make its debut and 3.5-inch floppy disks were the primary portable storage medium. Cars back then mostly had only the front driver and passenger airbag not like today which some cars have up to 10 airbags. Times have changed, but one thing that has stayed true through all these years is the dedication to being as honest and as accurate as possible.


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